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The Economic Times “Promising Entrepreneurs of India” – Interview

Leading Disruptive Change 1. THE BIG IDEA Although TEMA was constituted as a legal entity in 1987, its foundation was laid in 1975 when I put up Leo Engineering Works. Right out of college, I was successful in manufacturing Sampling Bombs, Corrosion Bombs and Vapour Pressure Bombs. At the time, these products were imported from USA and I

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HTRI CC-India Meetings – a ‘Huge Success’ | Haresh K Sippy

HTRI CC-India Meetings – a ‘Huge Success’

Mumbai/Delhi, India: Tema India Limited and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCl) co-hosted two back-to-back HTRI CC-India Meetings on 30th and 31 st January 2014 at Taj, Mumbai and IIPM, Delhi, respectively. Thermal Process Engineering Indtlstry covering pan-India overwhelmed the knowledge imparting agenda and hosting of the events so much so that they attended both the

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Creativity, the mother of innovation

We all know that necessity is the mother of invention. Equally, creativity is the mother of innovation. Easier said than done. We tend to associate creativity only with the arts, not realizing that there is a creative side in each one of us waiting to be tapped. The question is how? How do we activate