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The Economic Times “Promising Entrepreneurs of India” – Interview

Leading Disruptive Change 1. THE BIG IDEA Although TEMA was constituted as a legal entity in 1987, its foundation was laid in 1975 when I put up Leo Engineering Works. Right out of college, I was successful in manufacturing Sampling Bombs, Corrosion Bombs and Vapour Pressure Bombs. At the time, these products were imported from USA and I

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HTRI CC-India Meetings – a ‘Huge Success’ | Haresh K Sippy

HTRI CC-India Meetings – a ‘Huge Success’

Mumbai/Delhi, India: Tema India Limited and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCl) co-hosted two back-to-back HTRI CC-India Meetings on 30th and 31 st January 2014 at Taj, Mumbai and IIPM, Delhi, respectively. Thermal Process Engineering Indtlstry covering pan-India overwhelmed the knowledge imparting agenda and hosting of the events so much so that they attended both the

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The subject of INNOVATION enthuses me. I am very passionate about innovation. Many times I analyzed to find out whether this passion is innate in me or whether I have picked this up along the way. I couldn’t find an accurate answer but I believe it is both. I have an innate urge for innovation