How can you run an organisation without assigning responsibility to and holding accountable every member? Where there is no accountability, how can goals be achieved?

An organisation is a group of people that comes together to achieve a common goal. The goal is achieved when there is clarity and transparency in communication. Accountability lies with the organisation and not with an individual. An individual who does not communicate with clarity and transparency is accountable. To make an individual accountable is not right for the organisation, as it compromises team spirit. A team member will tend to have their own agenda: to see that they are not held accountable while others are. This outlook brings the sense of belonging to the organisation under threat. Insecurity creeps in. Most of the time is frittered away in blame games to establish individual accountability. Team spirit takes a back seat.

In the times we live in, tasks can no longer be compartmentalised by individual. No task is independent of other tasks, making individual accountability all the more difficult to establish. Humans have to multitask and do what the machines cannot. We have to inculcate team spirit, a sense of belonging and ownership, and above all, abide by a single belief. How do we think alike? Only if we have a common agenda.

We all have our core values, our weaknesses and our strengths; we must support each other’s weaknesses and leverage the strengths. No two team members are alike as we all are different by nature. Transparency allows us to know everyone’s nature.

A healthy organisation is one made up of people with a healthy mind and a healthy body. Every member has to be in a positive frame of mind to enjoy the work. Enjoying work makes it engrossing, leading to greater efficiency.  Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!

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