The world is filled with frantic activities. Except select few, all humans are engaged in one activity or the other. At the end of each activity, we all are either fully satisfied with our efforts or disappointed and discouraged because the end results were not as expected.

Satisfaction and dissatisfaction are emotions all human beings have to go through in life because we are not the ones who control everything. We are bound to go through the negative emotions in life, all emotions that have the prefix “dis” – dissatisfaction, discouragement, disappointment and the list goes on.

Does it mean that we don’t have control levers over life’s activities and be satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment?

We do have control over life situations. We exert control over life’s situations. We daily make choices that determine consequences.

So, it goes without saying that we can direct our endeavors towards achievement of a particular end that brings joy and fulfillment.

The first step towards having joy and fulfillment is to have a vision. Vision is essential for individuals, families, social groups, enterprises and even nations.

The words of the Scottish historian and philosopher Thomas Carlyle aptly summarize the above point “A man without a vision is like a ship without a rudder”. When we compare the size of the ship’s rudder with the size of a ship it is very small. But this tiny rudder gives direction; it decides the destination of a large vessel.

Similarly there may be activities galore in one’s life,  if they don’t have a proper aim and are not directed properly the end result will not be of significance.

On completion of certain ventures, in hindsight I have many times shared with my team that, only if we were clearer in what we were going to achieve, we would have done much better.

If you are honest I believe you can attest to this truth without a second thought.

So VISION IS KEY, for individuals and organizations. It is powerful. It helps you channelise energies. It determines the destiny

Next week I will share about what vision is and the power of a shared vision.

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