Figure 1: Different ways to treat an illness:

Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Exercise

Figure 2: A lawyer counselling a couple before a divorce

We may be doctors, engineers, lawyers or from any other profession but we behave alike and much like machines. We don’t find a cure, we just troubleshoot. We have remedies, not the cure. We go by routine, which machines can do better. What about a cure?We need some art in us to find one, not arithmetic. I don’t say arithmetic, because mathematics is art, it’s abstract and it has purity. We too have purity! Are we not human beings?I cannot say we behave like animals, because animals are closer to nature than we are. We must learn from them, absorb their purity and learn to control our feelings. As we are neither machines nor animals, we can live in harmony with animals, imbibe their purity and make machines do our inhuman work. The work created by our greed and other misdeeds.

It is an irony that despite having everything going for us, we are lost to the world and feel threatened by machines. Let’s not think like machines; what makes us different are the human errors we make that machines cannot.We’d rather make them our colleagues and make use of them. They are 100 times faster and work 24/7 without a break. Let’s not get programmed, as we’re the ones who program the machines. We’re spiritual; we possess the energy that makes and breaks. Let’s be optimistic and make the machines serve our purpose.

Figure 3: Generating electricity by burning fossil fuels and polluting the environment

Figure 4: Clean and renewable way of producing electricity using solar

Why do we want to tax ourselves? What is all the anxiety about? Why has the world become a Mecca of arithmetic? It just amounts to buying power of more and more luxuries that make you more and more dependent. Be it, lawyers engineers, or doctors, we look at the arithmetic. That’s all we understand. The doctor understands the medicine that makes more arithmetic sense. Engineers are likewise. Media thrives on sensational news and controversies. Life becomes bondage and eventually, some pandemic sets in to correct our wrongs and shows us how to get free of our mental blocks.

Remedy is superficial; the challenge lies in identifying the cause; the cure is the easy bit. Tackle the root cause not the effect!

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