HTRI CC-India Meetings – a ‘Huge Success’

HTRI CC-India Meetings – a ‘Huge Success’ | Haresh K Sippy

Mumbai/Delhi, India: Tema India Limited and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCl) co-hosted two back-to-back HTRI CC-India Meetings on 30th and 31 st January 2014 at Taj, Mumbai and IIPM, Delhi, respectively. Thermal Process Engineering Indtlstry covering pan-India overwhelmed the knowledge imparting agenda and hosting of the events so much so that they attended both the Meetings amass. 203 participants from 89 Companies, covering all the major players of the Industry, were present during the meetings.

Asish Nag, Executive Director – PDEC of Indian Oil Corporation Limited and Haresh Sippy, CMD of Tema India Limited delivered the inaugural speeches. Whereas, Rajan Desai~ HTRI International Coordinator, India, and Ugrasen Yadav, Chair, HTRI CC-India, explained the ‘theme’ of the events and thanked the participants for providing varied feedback and attending in a big number – which in fact seemed the highest participation globally ever to happen at HTRI CC-Meetings.

The highlights of the events were the ‘open forum’ panel discussions on “How best to bridge the Thermal Process Engineering requirements among EPC Companies, Engineering Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers and Processors,” where very  senior experts from various HTRI Members Companies from India volunteered to share their experiences from the dais. These interactive discussions – co-moderated by HTRI-TC Members and CC-India ex-office bearers – proved very useful as participants could intermingle with the experts to express their views, suggestions and valued feedback on various aspects covering lifecycle of unfired heat exchangers, as well as fired heaters.

During the events, total 19 presentations showcased the recent trends and future requirements covering diverse aspects on Thermal. Process and Mechanical engineering. All the feedback received during the brainstorming sessions were sent to HTRI (Texas, USA) and they too have appreciated the efforts put in by the participants and co-sponsors.

HTRI (Heat Transfer Research, Inc.) is a unique industrial research and development consortium, founded in 1962 and stationed at Texas, USA. It serves the Thermal Process Engineering needs of more than 1,400 corporate member sites world-wide. HTRI has greatly increased its presence in India during last 10 years encompassing all the four industry sectors. Currently India has the second highest number of HTRI memberships globally – next only to the USA.

HTRI CC-India (Communication Committee) is a formal “Users’ Forum”, which attracts niche and very important participations covering all the major stake-holder, and it provides a non-aligned platform to collect feedback on various aspects related to HTRI technology and its usage. This forum regularly discusses the current relevant matters and sends feedback to HTRI, which gets documented and suggestions implemented for the future developments.

Courtesy: Chemical Engineering World