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Haresh Sippy - Engineer | Entrepreneur | Writer

Master entrepreneur and technocrat, Haresh Sippy plays several roles with ease. A pioneer in design technology and fabrication methodology in the field of process equipment manufacturing, mainly Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, he began his career in the mid-1970s by manufacturing Sampling Bombs for Esso Refinery (now HPCL) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation; a step that resulted in import substitution.

At the invitation of Caltex Refinery, he developed the technology of rolling titanium tubes. The development of Cu-Ni, Ni-Al-Br and Ti metallurgies and Monel Weld deposit on CS tubesheet blanks are a result of his innovating effort.

TEMA India has its origins in Leo Engineering Works, a company he set up in 1975. The enterprise ventured into the manufacture of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and associated components. TEMA India was incorporated in 1987 and has since grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in India with three manufacturing bases close to Mumbai.

Haresh Sippy holds the Indian patent for Shrink Ring technology deployed in the manufacture of Screw Plug (Breech Lock type) Heat Exchangers used in High-Pressure and High-Temperature Oil & Gas applications. Reducing cost apart, the technology enhances safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.

Vice-Chairman of the Heat Transfer Society of India (HTSI) and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), he was invited to present a paper (An Improved Design of Threaded Closures for Screw Plug Heat Exchangers) at the 50th ASME Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference held in Vancouver, Canada in July 2016.

In continuation to it, he presented another paper (Design of Threaded Closures for High-Pressure Screw Plug Heat Exchangers Designed to ASME Section VIII Division 2) at the conference in Hawaii, US in July 2017.

Mentoring engineering students gives him the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with young minds. From time to time he is invited to address students at Engineering and Management institutes. As head of TEMA India, imparting vocational training and employable skills to the under-privileged is his way of giving back to the community from which the company draws its strength. A deep commitment to the development of indigenous technologies is his mantra for self-reliance and nation-building.