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Helixchanger – A Unique Heat Exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency

Views: A Helixchanger differs from a standard heat exchanger mainly due to the peculiar shape and placement of the baffles which facilitate flow of the shell-side fluid in a helical formation. A Double Helix Heat Exchanger has two such arrangements of sequential baffles running simultaneously within the shell. Helixchanger is suited for processes that involve

Heat exchanger is much like a human being | Tema India

Heat exchanger is much like a human being

Views: The design of Heat Exchanger is complicated, much like a human being. Every human being is different by nature and also, in how he or she reacts to different situations. Similarly, it is difficult to understand the situation in a heat exchanger in totality. So, how does one design a heat exchanger? How does

Screw Plug (Breech Lock) Heat Exchanger by TEMA INDIA

Screw Plug (Breech Lock) Heat Exchanger by TEMA INDIA

Views: After the catastrophic failure that occurred in a high-pressure Screw Plug enclosure in Japan and subsequent failures that were witnessed time and again in several parts of the world, this design screw plug lost its significance to a large extent. TEMA INDIA decided to conduct an extensive research program to bring about key changes

Speciality of Heat Exchangers and its market growth

Heat Exchangers speciality and it’s market growth

Views: Heat Exchangers, as we all know, are mainly used in Process plants,  Pharmaceutical, Refrigeration and Storage, Air conditioning, Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum Refining, Power plants (Thermal, Solar and, Nuclear) etc. Every reaction, whether it is exothermic or endothermic, will need heat transfer equipment. Currently, the heat exchanger market in the country is facing a major