As India celebrates 70th Independence day today, I pay my homage to all the freedom fighters who risked their lives to make India an independent nation.

As modern day Indian citizens who reap the benefits of the struggle and sacrifice of our forefathers, we have a responsibility on our shoulders. Our forefathers ensured SELF GOVERNANCE, we after seven decades of independence have the responsibility to make India SELF RELIANT.

15th of August 1947 will go down in the annals of world history as a day that marks SELF GOVERNANCE for Indians, and my dream is that 15th of August 2016 should be etched in the memory of all Indians as a day that marks SELF RELIANCE.

Being self reliant is not an easy task, it is definitely an uphill task. But I believe we have the leadership and the capability to make this dream come true.

The first step towards SELF RELIANCE is to have INDIGENOUSLY DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGIES. One of our nation’s growth inhibiting factors is our dependence on OVERSEAS TECHNOLOGY.

In my 45 years of industry experience I have observed that in each and every sector we rely on overseas technologies, may it be healthcare, defence, engineering, aviation etc. Having said that we need to acknowledge and appreciate that in the recent years our nation has made big strides in AEROSPACE, COMMUNICATION, DEFENCE ENGINEERING, NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. To be SELF RELIANT we still need to cover a lot of ground in many areas.

As mentioned earlier the INDIGENOUSLY DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGIES are the only means that lead our nation to SELF RELIANCE. In order to develop these technologies, we need to foster a culture of creativity and innovation and have a clearly defined path for research and development.

As an Indian Patent holder1, I would like to share my experience in a four-part series titled “THE 3Cs of CREATIVITY and INNOVATION” starting next week. The series is intended to be motivational, directional with an end goal of contributing in some way to the process of nation building.




1 Under the leadership of Mr. Haresh K. Sippy, TEMA India was awarded Indian patent for ‘shrink ring’ that pertains to screw plug heat exchangers, used in high pressure and high temperature oil & gas applications.

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