We have a logical mind and an illogical one. 

The logical mind develops from observations and the learnings of the fight for survival. 

The illogical one, on the other hand, reflects the purity you are born with. 

As one grows one observes and learns, the more one indulges, there is more to learn. One learns with encounters as the logical mind grows with the worldly ways. What is left behind is the illogical one, that remains in the inside, and never exposed, with no role to play. 

The logical mind is acceptable, to the reasonable minds of others, as it’s the rational one. The illogical one is not tolerated, and so it stays hidden. We keep it within us, and we dare not reveal it. However, it is a part of us, and when it makes its presence felt momentary, we react in embarrassment and quickly cover up by applying layers over layers of dos and don’ts to the point of suffocation. 

In the two extremities, some are not aware of the inner self and others who live in a fool’s paradise.

Which are these two extremities? 

One is Lord Shiva in all of us, as the purity and the positive energy, His right eye leading to the right side of the brain, the positive energy with no purpose or logic. Whereas His alter ego in all of us is Bajrangbali, His left eye leading to the left side of the brain, the God of discipline and purpose, the logical brain. The illogical logic is the combination of the two that is balanced by the Master Mind—represented by Lord Shiva’s third eye.

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