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TEMA Emerging

TEMA Emerging

  Despite the most difficult times for the Capital Goods Industry. It’s been close to a Miracle for TEMA TEMA Emerging: Today 31st of March 2016, the last day of the financial year, TEMA has made a miracle. 64 crores, 132 crores, 232 crores and today 289 crores a new milestone and a miracle. It’s

Buying Technology for me says Mr. Haresh Sippy, is just like a Fisherman who has to buy Fish!

Buying Technology for me says Mr. Haresh Sippy, is just like a Fisherman who has to buy Fish!

  Mr. Haresh Sippy goes on to explain to the Engineering Students that he was not allowed to design Screw Plug exchangers, unless he had prior experience. In other words, he had to buy technology, which he said was like a fisherman who has to buy fish. Watch the video to know that the present

Overcoming Design Challenges Using Unconventional Methods

Views: It was a great opportunity for me to participate in IIChE (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, NRC) Lecture Series titled “Learning with the Leaders” as a Guest Speaker. It was a great experience participating in such a learned and distinguished gathering. I thank all at IIChE (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, NRC) for giving

Innovate in India speech to Engineering Students & Teachers at DJ Sanghvi College

Views: Mr. Haresh K. Sippy, Managing Director of Tema India, delivered an enlightening and interactive speech about ‘Innovate in India’ to Engineering Students and Teachers of DJ Sanghvi College. Mr. Chetan S. Doshi, co-founder of Tema India Limited and colleague of Mr. Haresh K. Sippy for about four decades, was aptly requested by the students

Passion for Engineering plus Zeal to Innovate is equals to Extraordinary Achievements

Views: Engineering was, simply put, nothing but applied science and the many formulae in Engineering textbooks helped us understand the behaviour of various parameters in nature, he said. He, however, elaborated that since nature as a force is very dynamic, a student / engineer has to apply his mind independently. The learning in engineering syllabus

Powerful speech by Mr. Haresh Sippy at Tema India Head Office during Diwali 2014

Views: During the auspicious period of Diwali, Laxmi Pooja was arranged in TEMA INDIA’s head office.  Mr. Haresh Sippy , alongwith Mr. Naresh Saggam and Mr. Chetan Doshi, entered to a warm welcome by the employees. After greeting the employees, Chief began his address in his trademark powerful style. Mr. Haresh Sippy recounted the Independence