Innovate in India speech to Engineering Students & Teachers at DJ Sanghvi College



Mr. Haresh K. Sippy, Managing Director of Tema India, delivered an enlightening and interactive speech about ‘Innovate in India’ to Engineering Students and Teachers of DJ Sanghvi College.

Mr. Chetan S. Doshi, co-founder of Tema India Limited and colleague of Mr. Haresh K. Sippy for about four decades, was aptly requested by the students to introduce Mr. Sippy and Mr. Doshi helped the students understand the persona of Mr. Sippy in a crisp introduction. He described Mr. Sippy as a pioneer and as an early & firm believer in ‘Make in India’ concept.

He narrated that more than 40 years ago, right after his graduation from engineering, Mr. Sippy began manufacturing of ‘Sampling Bombs’ that were used in refineries / process plants, which resulted in Import Substitution, a first in case of Sampling Bombs, for (two) Indian Oil & Gas (majors). Mr. Doshi shared that Innovation had been the constant highlight of Mr. Sippy’s entrepreneurial career in which he was awarded a patent (for Shrink Ring: Added Steel on Channel Barrel) for Screw Plug Heat Exchangers, used in hydrocrackers which reduce sulphur content in diesel production process. He then invited Mr. Sippy to address the audience.

‘Innovate in India’ in addition to ‘Make in India’

Mr. Sippy chose to remain in the audience during most of his speech to make it as interactive as possible. He covered a broad gamut of topics from basic heat exchangers to special purpose heat exchangers, from application of knowledge obtained from different streams of engineering to the Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Innovate in India’ initiatives. His narration of some of his valuable experiences in the field of shell-&-tube heat exchangers, over the past four decades, garnered positive applause from the audience.

He explained the students, pursuing mechanical and chemical engineering, that structural engineering was the most basic of all engineering streams and it required proactive coordination and application between all three streams and more, to successfully design and manufacture a working heat exchanger. He used very simple and easy to understand language to create a basic platform of understanding for the students. He said that since nature was a tremendous force, science was a human tool created to understand nature.

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Innovate in India speech to Engineering Students & Teachers at DJ Sanghvi College
DJ Sanghvi College,Mumbai,Maharashtra
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